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Master your writing block.

I help elementary teachers become effective writing teachers who MASTER their writing block.

LaNesha Tabb, writing educator and author
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Rock The Writing Block in 4 Easy Steps!

Frustrated with teaching writing?

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I’ve been there.

Picture this: You’re leading the writing lesson, demonstrating the task, and sending the students off to begin. But within 20 seconds, a hand shoots up, seeking your guidance. You quickly assist that student, investing a few minutes of focused attention, only to find a dozen more eager hands waving for help as soon as you turn around.

It dawns on you that managing a classroom filled with students at various writing levels is more draining than you anticipated.

Sound familiar? You’re not alone.

That was my reality for many years. That all changed once I implemented my process-first framework and I want to show you how.

Hi! I’m LaNesha Tabb.

I’m a seasoned educator with over 18 years of experience, leaving an indelible mark on the teaching community.

My innovative Reimagine Writing program has empowered thousands of teachers to cultivate students who independently produce high-quality writing pieces.

Thanks to my Process-First Framework, educators have discovered simple and effective avenues for fostering writing proficiency in their classrooms. 

LaNesha Tabb, writing education expert


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What people are saying...

hannah headshot

“She has turned this teacher who dreaded writing, to a lover of writing!”

This is my 8th year teaching, and up until this year I have dreaded teaching writing to my students. After learning about LaNesha Tabb’s writing program and then further implementing it, I have watched my students writing transform! What I love the most about her process is the consistency piece of it, and how it truly can be used vertically among grade levels! She has turned this teacher who dreaded writing, to a lover of writing!

—Hannah Brick

Jamecia headshot

“Writing is one of our favorite times in the classroom...”

I have used ALL of your writing program and not only do I love them but they help my kids become successful writers. Writing is one of our favorite times in the classroom & the kids are so focused and engaged because they have the tools and confidence they need. I especially love all the resources & videos included for teachers & students plus learning how to create their “grammar ears”.

Jamecia Raleigh, Kindergarten Dual Immersion Teacher

Danielle headshot

“My students have significantly enhanced their ability to write across genres, and most importantly, they now find joy in writing.”

LaNesha’s Reimagine Writing program and her writing hub have completely transformed the way I approach building my writing block! Her workshop demonstrated the importance of prioritizing the writing process, from the sentence level to crafting paragraphs. I utilize her resources from the HUB every single day, and my students absolutely love them! Through daily drills in both editing and syntax, my students have significantly enhanced their ability to write across genres, and most importantly, they now find joy in writing.

—Danielle Dahlinger

Rock Your Writing Block in 4 Easy Steps!

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