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Hearts at Ease, Minds at Peace: A Mental Health Check-In for School

One way we can check in with our students every day is by simply talking to them. Another thing I like to do is provide a way for our young learners to check in with themselves. Our brains learn best when we feel calm and safe.  I believe that little kids are capable of self regulating and monitoring their feelings at school if we show them how.

I give students a binder and I place this sheet on the inside of a sheet protector. I provide a cup of dry erase markers. This allows them to erase and repeat everyday without using a new piece of paper. After the students complete their activities, they leave this page open on their desk so that I can walk through and see it. This allows me to check in with students who say that they are sad, angry, etc…

The next page is NOT in a sheet protector because I want them to keep track of how they are feeling across a period of time. This is good for them to see but also good for me AND their parents! I once convinced a parent to put their child to bed earlier because I showed her her own son’s data that said he was sleepy a lot of the time.

Later in the school year, I ask students to think of a focus goal for the day. This could be behavior based or just something they are working on- like showing kindness.  This is really helpful when a student is struggling. I can remind them that they set a goal that they really wanted to reach for the day.

As a group, we do a daily empathy check. This is in a sheet protector as well. I read a scenario and I ask them to think about how they might feel, think, or want. I’ve complied over 40 prompts to share. 
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LaNesha Tabb

LaNesha Tabb

Wife, Mama of 2, and apron wearing primary educator from Indianapolis.

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