meet LaNesha

Hello! I’m LaNesha (luh-nee-sh-uh) and I’m so glad you are here! I’m a wife to the most amazing husband and father, a mom to two children (Lillian and David Jr.), and a full time kindergarten teacher. I am definitely a home-body. I love to snuggle up with my family and enjoy the comforts of our cozy home. I love coffee houses! I am also a Zumba instructor. I owe everything I am to my Lord and savior, Jesus Christ. I love to make things beautiful but I also love to go against the grain a bit (like, no, Joanna, every wall doesn’t need shiplap!) I’m a proud supporter of my culture. I believe representation matters and I do everything in my power and platform to show my children a world that reflects the beautiful people that they are. I love connecting with educators, so I’m glad you are here!

I am now a published author! I co-wrote Unpack Your Impact with Naomi O’Brien, and my first self-published book entitled Alpert

about education with an apron

This little corner of the internet is where I am able to share my passion for teaching. I’ve been teaching for over 14 years- all of them in K-2 with the exception of one year in 3rd. About 6 years into my career, what I lovingly refer to as the “teacher blogger boom” happened. Hundreds of educators started documenting their daily lessons, units, and experiences on blogs. I decided to jump on board! I had no clue that that little blog would eventually change my life! A few year, PD conferences, and a BOOK deal later (still can’t believe that one!) here we are! I’ve made friends that live all over the country, and I’m able to be a part of a huge teacher community.

The aprons? Nothing to that other than the fact that I wear black dresses to work nearly everyday- and the aprons are a cute way to disguise that fact! I may or may not own over 60 aprons! They are the perfect addition to a busy teacher’s wardrobe- especially when your dress doesn’t have any pockets!

I love spending my time encouraging teachers to break out of the same lessons and ideas that have been taught for decades! There is an entire world full of amazing topics and people that we could be learning about…and I can show teachers how!