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LaNesha Tabb, educator, speaker, author

LaNesha Tabb

is the Founder of Reimagine Writing, Educator, Author, Speaker, Content Creator, and School Consultant

We empower teachers, schools, and districts to strengthen their writing instruction, leading to improved reading and overall literacy skills for all students.

Built on classroom experience and research, this movement prioritizes the importance of student independence and teacher success in writing instruction.

We believe strong writers make strong readers.

Research consistently indicates a strong correlation between writing proficiency and reading comprehension.

When students excel in writing, they develop crucial skills such as critical thinking, analysis, and communication. These skills directly transfer to reading, enabling students to comprehend complex texts, extract meaning, and engage with content more deeply.

Moreover, writing fosters a deeper understanding of language structure, vocabulary, and syntax, which enhances reading fluency and comprehension. In essence, strong writing skills serve as a foundation for strong reading abilities, creating a symbiotic relationship between the two essential literacy components.

students reading in classroom
LaNesha Tabb, writing educator and author


We aim to be a transformative presence in schools and districts by providing high quality, actionable professional development, and resources.

We believe that students will see increased reading success by growing writing skills. Our resources and professional development workshops are engaging, motivating, and highly sought after.

LaNesha Tabb isn’t merely an expert in the field of education; she’s a driving force. With a wealth of experience as a classroom teacher, author, speaker, and trainer, LaNesha’s impact resonates deeply. She’s the visionary behind Reimagine Writing, passionately dedicated to empowering teachers, schools, and districts to redefine their approach to writing instruction and achieve excellence in literacy.


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