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A White Families’ Guide to Talking About Racism

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Hi Caregivers!

White families, if you’re here, we hope it’s because you’re ready to start having important conversations with your children about racism and actively planning what your family can do to help.

We are parents, too. We understand these conversations might be hard. It is hard for us on the opposite end having conversations about experiencing racism with our kids. We are happy you are committed to doing this work with your young children. We promise it is going to feel more uncomfortable for you than it is for them. You are not harming your kids. You are empowering them. You are teaching them. You are giving them the gift of awareness and the chance to use their white privilege in the best way; to fight racism.

This resources is a downloadable book that you can read and process at your own pace. These critical understandings are designed for you to walk your child through conversations and understanding about antiracism.

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