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Black History- Inventors

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This unit celebrates 5 men and 5 African American inventors. Included are anchor charts, biography profiles, reading comprehension, and the steps and materials needed for your students to create their own invention and apply for a “patent!”

Most of these inventors are lesser known because the popular ones are so heavily covered.

Inventors and Inventions included:

Madame C.J. Walker – Hair Growth Products

Bessie Griffin- Amputee Feeding Apparatus

Valerie Thomas- Illusion Transmitter

Patricia Bath – Laserphaco Probe

Marjorie Joyner- Permanent Waving Machine

George Crum – Potato Chips

Garrett Morgan- 3 Way Traffic Signal (amongst many other things)

George Grant – Wooden golf tee

Willis Johnson – Egg Beater/Mixer

Lonnie Johnson – Super Soaker Water Gun (amongst many other things)

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