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The Writing Process

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I have found that writing workshop is one of those things that teachers LOVE or detest! I developed this resource after hearing “Mrs. Tabb!!!” for the 456th time in one writing workshop session.

I wanted to enable them to move themselves successfully along the writing process without depending on me for permission. This resource requires that students are “prove” that they are ready to move to the next “level” of the writing process. They do this “proving” with the help of a success check that is specific to each step of the writing process. When students are able to navigate through the writing process, I (the teacher) am now able to move about the writing workshop and coach my writers as I need to because they are no longer dependent on me! My favorite thing about this resource is the accountability and student ownership that comes with it! L

In this resource, we will:

-Learn the “chant” that students will memorize to learn the writing process…they’ll use it all year long!

-Walk through how to organize your writing materials and zones.

-Discuss how to use this resource all year- no matter the unit of study!

See my writing “chant” video in action HERE.

Note: This program sits on top of what you are already doing for writing! Because I have designed this program to empower students to move themselves along in the writing process, the genre or unit of study doesn’t matter. The writing process doesn’t change… it’s the same no matter what! The “trick” to this system is getting the process ingrained in their system. Once they know the process and what is required at each level, they will start churning out high quality books and writing pieces!

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