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7 Min Social Studies: November

61 Pages

Grade Level(s): K, 1, 2, 3

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Welcome to our BRAND NEW Monthly Social Studies line!!!


Think of this as a 2nd Edition to our First Year Long Social Studies Line.

If we are being honest, we wanted to create a new line of social studies content but we always hear that teachers don’t have the time for solid social studies. We decided to create a new unit that does two things:

1) Envelops social studies under the reading umbrella by focusing on VOCABULARY!

2) Gets the teaching done in 7 minutes. 

These units will still give your students exposure to our global, social studies 5 topics (civics, history, geography, sociology, and economics) but they’ll be asked to focus on the meaning of selected vocabulary. It’s a win!

Download the preview for a closer look!

Naomi + LaNesha


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