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Black History Reading Printables: Artists… NOW DIGITAL!

40 Pages

Grade Level(s): 1, 2, 3

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*This product has been updated with virtual slides that can be inserted into any online teaching platform!*
This unit celebrates 5 men and 5 African American artists. Included are anchor charts, biography profiles, reading comprehension, and resources to assist your students in discovering the arts. In this unit, the “Arts” are defined as performing (singing, dancing, acting), visual (painting, architecture), and spoken word (poetry).
Some of these artists are lesser known because the popular ones are so heavily covered.
The artists included:
Marian Anderson- Opera Singer
Duke Ellington- Jazz Musician
Billie Holiday- Singer
Harry Belafante- Actor, Singer, Activist, among other things
Debbie Allen- Dancer, actress, producer, among other things
Bill “Bojangles” Robinson- Dancer
Norma Merrick Sklarek- Architect
J. Max Bond, Jr.- Architect
Langston Hughes- Poet
Maya Angelou- Poet, among other things
Maya -poet Langston poet
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