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Culture: Cultivating Cultural Intelligence eBook + Digital (+printable) Scrapbook

40 Pages

Grade Level(s): K, 1, 2, 3

Google, ZIP File/Format


Product Description

Culture matters. We all have a culture.
We believe children should understand this at a young age!
Thinking about your culture and the cultures of others is important. We all have many similarities and differences because of our cultures. Learning about different cultures helps us build our cultural intelligence. Cultural intelligence helps us to make friends with and work well with people from different cultures. When we seek to understand people and respect their cultures, strong connections can be made. Remember that your culture is the way that YOU and your family or those close to you do things. You don’t have to be from a country that is different from someone else to have different cultures.
This product gives young learners an in-depth look at some various aspects of culture. Then, students can explore and share their own culture digitally or in a printed scrapbook.
-Full color eBook available in PDF and Google Slide formats.
-Printable Cultural Identity scrapbook
-Digital Cultural Identity scrapbook
Make social studies important again!
Naomi & LaNesha
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