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Digital Learning: Counting Coins for Seesaw and Google Apps

Grade Level(s): 2, 3

Google, ZIP, Power Point File/Format


Product Description

If you need digital learning activities for counting coins, look no further! There are four activities that will help your students with counting coins up to $1.00. These 4 activities are preloaded in Seesaw and ready to be moved to your Google Drive.
There are 10 slides in each activity.
If you use Seesaw, you will download the PDF with links to all four activities that will be saved and ready for you to assign to your class.
If you are using Google apps, you can simply make a copy of the activity that is included in the PDF when you download this product!
Lesson 1 “Show it Two Ways”
Students will have to drag and drop an amount of money in two ways.
Lesson 2 “Piggy Bank Problems”
Students will drag and drop coins into a piggy bank and then count the total.
Lesson 3 “What’s In Your Wallet?”
Students will count the coins that “fall” out of the wallet?
Lesson 4 “ Buy This, Not That”
Students will read count the change in the pouch and then look at two items that have a price tag. They will drag and drop a circle or an “X” for what they can and can not buy.
This purchase is for SINGLE USE ONLY. Please purchase an additional license to share it with other your team or school.



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