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Economics for Kids: Day Trading

20 Pages

Grade Level(s): K, 1

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Product Description

Economics is the study of how people in society use their resources.
Day Trading is one way that people in a society can buy and sell things.
This fun and engaging resource will expose your students to the world of day trading!
Kindergarten has a day trading booklet to complete and First Grade will get the chance to become day traders and buy and sell stock from the Tabb & O’Brien Toy Company!
Your Download Includes:
  • Kindergarten eBook
  • First Grade eBook (The questions for turn and talks are different)
  • Kindergarten Annotating & Drawing Response Sheets (4)
  • First Grade Annotating, Writing, & Drawing  Response Sheets (4)
  • Day Trading Booklet (K)
  • Day Trading Simulation Slideshow
  • Day Trading Money
  • Day Trading Stock



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