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First Grade Social Studies (A 90 Day Curriculum)

> Grade Level: 1

> 200 Pages

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You are going to LOVE this unit. It’s easy to implement, it’s comprehensive, #representation, and your students are going to walk away with a great foundation of important social studies skills. We lay the foundation in literally every other academic area, social studies shouldn’t be an exception!
Check out the blog post https://readlikearockstarteaching.com/set-up-for-social-studies-for-first-grade-a-90-day-or-less-social-studies-curriculum/
We wanted to make sure to cover the basics, but cover them in a way where more than one group of people might see themselves represented for various reasons.
In our teacher guides (that accompany each lesson in all 6 units), we added our notes and gave teachers our quick tips and considerations for the lessons.


First Grade Social Studies (A 90 Day Curriculum)


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