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Halloween Activity

> Grade Level: K, 1, 2, 3

> 20 Pages

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If you are looking to go beyond your primary Halloween activities and get some more globally relevant social studies in, this is the resource for you! We love all of the fun Halloween activities and centers, but we always encourage educators to make those important global connections.
We did not want this resource a “Halloween Around the World” because not all people celebrate Halloween. Some of the holidays or traditions we learn about might sound or look like Halloween, but many of the traditions around the world have no connection to a traditional U.S. Halloween. This is important to remember!
Some people may not celebrate holidays at all, and that’s fine! Different people do different things- and that’s not ”weird” but just different! This book will ask students to travel the world and learn about various holidays.
1. A Full-Color eBook touring the world through the following places:
The United States
Hong Kong
2. Response sheets with reading comprehension questions for each location.
We hope you find this resource enjoyable!
Naomi + LaNesha


Halloween Activity


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