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Help-At-Home Parent Packs: ANALOG CLOCKS- 2nd Grade

37 Pages

Grade Level(s): 2, 3

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We’ve all been there. We spend tons of time drilling certain skills and still there are some kiddos that just. don’t. get it. And school is fast-paced! We can’t spend a long time learning ONE skill deeply. While I know we will still work with those students in class, I often ask parents to continue the work at home. Then I am met with the ever-present question:
Well, how can I help my child?
This product offers you a chance to be way more intentional about empowering parents to help at home. Not only can this be sent home to allow parents to just help- but it also gets parents involved in the process of collecting data on their child. I’ve proudly used this during the RTI/CORE process because it shows that I’ve gone beyond normal instruction AND in-school intervention. I’ve now involved the parents and the results either help the student with mastery or it helps to prove that other actions need to be taken.
– A progress tracker where parents can record scores
-Success certificates that they can give their child
-10 days of parent-friendly worksheets and answer keys
-A pre and post quiz to show growth at home
-A sticker chart to encourage participation
-Teaching charts that can be hung at home
Help-At-Home Parent Packs
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