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Mother’s Day Printable Book

27 Pages

Grade Level(s): K, 1, 2

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Product Description

Now includes:
-Grandma version
-Partially editable version (to personalize or accommodate other mother figures)
-FULLY editable slides for language translation!
When I think about Mommies, I always think of hands. A Mommy’s hand are always busy and this book gives students to say thank you for all of the things that their Mommy’s hands do!
I have included two options to meet your needs and time constraints! You could also differentiate based on fine motor as one version doesn’t require cutting and gluing than the other.
Now includes a “Grandma” version AND editable version!
Option One: No Prep! Print and pass out. This option is the landscape version that is included in this file. Students can carefully color and add personal details to make it special.
Option Two: This version takes a little more time. The book becomes interactive with flaps, pop-ups, and they have to trace the words. It will make a meaningful gift!
You can make this resource as involved or simple as you would like to!
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