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Nonfiction Book Clubs Think Sheets

13 Pages

Grade Level(s): 1, 2, 3

PDF File/Format


Product Description

Thank you for purchase! I hope it helps you stretch the thinking of your precious readers.
These sheets are designed to help your students sift through and organize their nonfiction learning.
I was very clear with my students about one thing: I would be providing them with worksheets to help organize their thinking BUT they could easily do the same work in their own reading lives in a notebook. These are just tools to help them get used to reading and then writing about their reading. It is my hope that when they read books a month from now, they won’t necessarily need to get the character sketch sheet because they’ve used it enough to know how create their own version in a reader’s notebook. Isn’t that what we do as real readers?
To see this pack in action, please visit my blog at www.anotherdayinfirstgrade.blogspot.com .
Thank you!



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