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Not Your Average BEE Unit

60 Pages

Grade Level(s): K, 1, 2

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We know there are lots of spring topics to cover… but this unit was designed with global themes in mind! Throughout this resource, you will teach civics, economics, science, geography, and sociology! We hope you enjoy this unit as much as we do!
The topics that we cover include:
Economics: Even though bees are scary to lots of people, they are critical to our survival. Bees are responsible for bringing in billions of dollars in crops. Researchers claim that every third spoonful of food depends on pollination. That means that bees are largely responsible for the food we are able to grow.
Sociology: What does it take to be a backyard beekeeper? A lot less than you might think! Anyone can become a beekeeper- as long as you are willing to learn what bees need and provide a space for them. Lots of people do this in their backyards- even in the middle of a city!
Geography: Where is Sri Lanka? Let’s find it on the map. While you’re there, you can learn all about the Asian Honeybee and its special capabilities. This eBook will also explain the problems bees are facing in this part of the world.
Science: Beekeepers have a busy day. They must clean hives, bottle honey, give the bees water, and check on the queen bee.
Civics: Depending on where you live and the species, it just may be illegal to kill a bee! Students will engage in civic duties by discussing the need for special laws and how to submit a bill to be turned into a law. This is similar to our frog unit that asks the students to do the same thing. This is because Congress meets over and over to vote on bills. Your students can, too!
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