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Not Your Average TURKEY Unit

60 Pages

Grade Level(s): K, 1

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November means TURKEYS! There are countless activities and units dedicated to turkeys, but this is not your average unit! This unit was designed with global themes in mind! Throughout this resource, you will teach economics, history, science, geography, and sociology! We hope you enjoy this unit as much as we do!
The topics that we cover include:
Economics: How much do turkeys cost? Does supply and demand change the price the in the same way it does for other goods?
History: How did the turkey get it’s name?
Project Based Learning: What does it take to run a turkey farm? Can you run your own turkey farm?
Geography: Where do wild and domestic turkeys live? What is a habitat?
Sociology: Why does the President of the United States pardon a turkey every year?
We hope that this will allow you and your students to deepen and enrich your thematic turkey unit of study!
Make SOCIAL STUDIES important again!
LaNesha Tabb & Naomi O’Brien



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