Reading Workshop: Response Conversation Prompt BOOKMARKS!

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Grade Level(s): K, 1, 2, 3

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Scaffolds: Prompts To Get Them Talking
A few things:
1. Not all of my students use or need these.
2. These go in their book baggies for as long as they need them. When they’ve got the “hang” of the skill, these are designed to fade out.
3. These are NOT passed out all out one time. As we study
comprehension strategies, I slowly roll them out during
confer ring.
Most Importantly…
All of these bookmarks are made into teaching charts before they are EVER handed out as a scaffold- the part I stress over and over is the idea that when they see a blank, that means they TALK! The students are very familiar with the prompts before they ever get their own personal copy.



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