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Social Studies for January

> Grade Level: K, 1, 2, 3

> 170 Pages

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Social studies for elementary!! You need this resource!!
We, LaNesha Tabb and Naomi O’Brien have joined together to create our love letter to students.
We seek to heal, enlighten, and promote curiosity about the world around them.
We are releasing monthly Social Studies units that will highlight various cultures, topics, and issues from our world’s past and present. Each of our topics were well thought out and selected carefully and intentionally to highlight various cultures, issues, parts of the world, and topics. We hope to inspire the next generation to be compassionate, informed, and empathetic citizens in our world.
We will create a new thematic Social Studies unit for each month of the traditional school year.
Your K-3 students will be exposed to civics, sociology, economics, geography, and history through our differentiated passages, craftivities, eBooks, interactive vocabulary, response questions, and activities.
Your January download includes
Sociology: What is the Noble Peace Prize?
Geography: How do the hemispheres differ?
History: How did January get its name?
Economics: What is a seasonal job?
-A Teacher’s Guide
-Planning Tips and Assessments for Each Topic
-Differentiated Passages
-Interactive Vocabulary
-Parent Letter to Send Home
-eBooks to Project or Print for Each Topic
-Mini books for Each Topic
-Fact and Opinion Sorting
-Create a Paper Bag Book of Seasonal Jobs
-Create a Compass
-Create Your own Month
-Create Your own Nobel Peace Prize
-Create Your own Civil Rights Poster
-Janus Craftivity
-Notebook Divider Tabs
-Social Studies Posters with Definitions
-A Glossary
-A Table of Contents
-Write the Room Activity
Want a closer look at a unit?
LaNesha and Naomi


Social Studies for January


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