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Social Studies: Political Parties: Democrats and Republicans

> Grade Level: K, 1, 2, 3

> 24 Pages

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Social Studies a la carte!
This lesson includes a full-color eBook for you to project and read with your students. Turn and talks are included to help you facilitate thoughtful discussions with your young learners.
There are three activities included to ensure that your students walk away with a basic knowledge of the two major political parties in the United States.
Students will:
-Illustrate a book based off of knowledge learned from the eBook
-Create posters for candidates of both parties
-Write a response about why they think someone might vote for both parties
Read the book with your students throughout the week and space out the activities to gauge student comprehension.
Read and discuss on Monday.
Students will illustrate their booklets on Tuesday.
Read the book on Wednesday and allow students to start their campaign posters.
Students can finish their campaign posters on Thursday.
Read the book on Friday and allow students to answer the written response.
We hope your students learn a lot!
Naomi and LaNesha
* A quick note on our grade level selection:
You might wonder why we have this marked for grades K-3. We firmly believe that little kids can handle big topics. We have designed these resources to be accessible to kindergarteners under the guidance of the teacher (leading the conversations, intentionally selecting the response activities, etc…) up to third (and oftentimes we have 4th and 5th grade teachers) because of the subject matter. Our K students are able to grasp a basic understanding while the older students can go deeper. Like any curriculum, you (as the professional) will need to make the call for how to best utilize this resource with your class. We thank you for your support!


Social Studies: Political Parties: Democrats and Republicans


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