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Social Studies: Questions, Prompts, and Discussion Cards for ANY Lesson

20 Pages

Grade Level(s): 1, 2, 3

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Product Description

Hey educators!
We created 12 questions that you can pair with almost any lesson you’ve got planned (including any of ours). We are in the business of creating critical thinkers. Critical thinkers take facts and analyze them so they can form their own opinions and make their own judgments. Before, during, and after your lessons, encourage your students to consider some of the questions we’ve included.
You can discuss, debate, write a response, turn and talk…whatever it takes to get your students thinking critically on their own.
In addition to being able to project the questions for whole group use, we have also included response sheets and discussion cards.
Ideas for how to use the sheets and cards are included in your download.
Naomi and LaNesha



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