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STAFF Training for HONEST History Lessons: Thanksgiving

> Grade Level: Staff

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This resource was created for educators! We wanted to provide a springboard for staff-wide conversations around problematic history lessons that we teach our students. When teachers individually decide to teach honest history, they are often afraid because they are usually on their own. How powerful would it be to get your entire school on the same page? If you are a united front, then you will be able to handle misinformed parents that may feel like these lessons are incorrect. Grab your admin and ask for a PLC or staff meeting to dive into this powerful work. 
In this resource, you will find a PowerPoint presentation that will walk your staff through activities, turn and talks, and steps to make a plan of action. You will decide how you will roll it out and gather materials…outside of that? It’s all done! 
We hope you and your staff feel better equipped to teach REAL history! 
Naomi + LaNesha 


STAFF Training for HONEST History Lessons: Thanksgiving


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