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The Writing Process: Implementation Starter Kit

This resource will have your writing workshop up and running in no time. The writing process is a game changer! Let’s go!

50 Pages

Grade Level(s): K, 1, 2

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Product Description

If you are looking for a way to master your writing workshop, you will want to make sure you implement this writing process framework.

This resource will help students master the writing process. Students will independently and successfully move themselves through the writing process. They won’t need to ask the teacher for permission to move on to the next level of writing! After memorizing the chant, students will know what they need to complete for moving on.

This resource works with any writing program that you are currently using because the writing process is something that everyone should know. It will enhance what you are already doing with writing.

In this resource, you will: 

-Learn the “chant” that students will memorize to learn the writing process…they’ll use it all year long!

-Walkthrough how to organize your writing materials and zones.

-Discuss how to use this resource all year- no matter the unit of study!

See my writing “chant” video in action HERE.

Updated for virtual learning!

This unit now includes slides and guidance on how to implement the writing process virtually!

*This resource does not contain any lessons- THIS IS FOR THE TEACHER THAT SAYS “I just want to implement the framework in my own way… just give me the materials!”

You will want this kit if you plan to use any of my writing units as it contains all of the materials (printable and digital) to set up the framework.

If you would like lessons to launch this framework, that is available here.

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