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Unit 5: Narrative Writing Digital + Printable Distance Learning

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Grade Level(s): K, 1, 2

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Writing To Tell Stories
This unit is genre-specific. That means all of your students will be asked to produce a story. We will ask students to pick events that have happened in their lives that had an impact on them and turn them into stories. We want to convey that stories worth telling are often associated with a strong feeling. It is also worth noting that every story does not have to have happy/positive feelings associated with it. Stories from our lives can be sad or nervous– and those are worth telling as well. This unit is going to ask your students to dig into their feelings and express them through a story. We will use lots of mentors to help students understand the genre.
-Mentor texts chart headers
-Teacher-created mentor text
-Scripted lessons
-Slides for teaching each lesson
-Checks for understanding for each lesson
-Parent letters
-Digital writing tools
Finally, if you’d like a step-by-step implementation guide, check out the Writing Process Workshop.



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