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Why Do We Celebrate Black History Month?

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It is important for students to understand why we have a Black History Month. Some students may grow up and become adults who think Black History Month is racist, divisive and unfair.
Negro History Week was created by Dr. Carter G. Woodson in 1926 because white people, who had once forced Black people into enslavement, were not teaching about Black people in American history. Slavery was over, but racial terror, lynch mobs and segregation were still in place. White Americans were being racist and divisive, so Black people fought to get their stories told themselves. They knew how important their contributions and achievements were even though white people refused to recognize them.
This month was created out of a need. Black Americans are still fighting to have their stories told year-round. Teaching about their history in February is the least we can do to honor them.
This resource includes a full-color updated eBook with turn and talk conversation prompts student response sheets for primary and a thought-catcher for older students. PNG images have been included for virtual learning platforms.
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