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Word Study Workshop: Unit 4

> Grade Level: 1, 2, 3

> 29 Pages

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This unit is all about providing our students with some tips and “tricks” for spelling. By “tricks” I generally mean habits of mind and spelling activities that are commonly done in classrooms all over. What I hope to offer as a change is the fact that these activities can be done with our visual memory in mind.
This unit offers opportunities to teach our spellers to read as much as they can, pay attention to handwriting, and think about the meaning of the words all in the name of spelling.
There are some traditional practice activities included in this unit as well! Just remember to stress the fact that we don’t want to be writing our words in “rainbow colors” for the heck of it (for example) but that all of those types of spelling practice opportunities are chances to allow the word and the word pattern to go in their visual memories!


Word Study Workshop: Unit 4


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