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Praise for Unpack Your Impact


“I’ve had the privilege of bearing witness to the phenomenal work of both Naomi & LaNesha and am beyond excited about this book! This is what I wish I had in my early years of teaching. It is practical, inspiring, relevant and needed! I encourage all educators to read this book and learn from two of the absolute best!” –Shaun Woodly, Ph.D. Author, Educator, Speaker and Founder of the Movement Teach Hustle Inspire 

“Naomi and LaNesha completely transformed their classrooms into places full of culture and joy… and they teach you to do the same!” –Kyle Schwartz, Educator and author of I Wish My Teacher Knew

“There are a few voices in my life that I highly regard. LaNesha Tabb and Naomi O’Brien are two of those voices. But what I wasn’t expecting when I picked up Unpack Your Impact was how deeply it would move me, not only as an educator but also as a person. Not only will this book remind you of the importance and value in anti-racism teaching and in social studies instruction but it will have you re-evaluating the way you think about all sorts of things. Buy a few copies because you’ll immediately want to pass it along to others you know. ” –Todd Nesloney, Director of Culture & Strategic Leadership, TEPSA- and author.

“Unpack Your Impact is a groundbreaking look at how authentic, culturally relevant, antiracist social studies teaching should be taught in the elementary grades and beyond. With a mix of concrete ideas, anecdotes, and self-reflective questioning, this book is necessary for every elementary school teacher who has had the thought “I don’t have time to teach social studies” (which is just about all of us). LaNesha and Naomi prove that students are never too young to begin developing democratic ideals about community, citizenship, and equity. As they say, “Little kids, big conversations!” You are guaranteed to finish this book with newfound knowledge of not just teaching social studies, but revolutionizing how social studies is taught. ” Adam Dovico -Educator, administrator, and author. 

“This book is written for primary educators, but anyone in the educational field could benefit from reading this book. Unpack Your Impact challenges educators to take a look at “what’s always been done” and ask themselves: who is this lesson serving? The lessons and conversations that these teachers share in the book will fascinate you. As an instructional coach, I have shifted the way I think about the practices I share with teachers and I now challenge the teachers I coach to think outside the box when we are designing lessons.” Nicole S. Turner – Author of Simply Instructional Coaching: Questions Asked and Answered from the Field

For years, O’Brien and Tabb have been consistent with their message about creating a classroom that establishes self-efficacy for students from all backgrounds. After the unfortunate death of George Floyd, America was forced to look at institutions that have allowed racism to wreak havoc for centuries. Contrary to popular belief, the education system isn’t immune to enforcing those toxic beliefs that are rooted in racism. In this amazing book, Lanesha and Naomi have carefully detailed how educators and families across the world can begin to broaden their impact by unpacking archaic methods that are no longer useful. I know you will enjoy it!” Michael Bonner educator and author of Get Up or Give Up: How I Almost Gave Up On Teaching. 

“I seriously love this book! So much amazing content. It a must-read for EVERYONE but especially educators as we navigate how to do better by our students and advocate for our students to have a real understanding of the history that built America, social studies, and social justice. A breath of fresh air!! Outstanding!”  -Valerie Do, Educator 

“What an indescribable feeling it is to anticipate great learning from one of you taught. Usually, the chip off the old block follows that path of the block. However, since I transitioned to teaching as a mid-life career move, I find myself learning from and following the lead established by my daughter LaNesha. Her partnership with Naomi has given me new insight, strategies and methodologies. I am excited to share their stories and implement their ideas.” Nickerson Bolden author of Indiana Avenue: Black Entertainment Boulevard and Bridging the Gulf: Understanding and Ministering to Hip Hop Youth. 

“LaNesha and Naomi have done it again! As educators, they understand what steps are needed to help teachers rethink their practice. The duo continues to push educators to do better for ALL kids!” Vera Ahiyya, educator and book curator 

Unpack Your Impact delivers a profound and fresh perspective on cultural integration in social studies classrooms. It equips readers with meaningful and tangible methods to have honest discussions while exploring topics that have been desperately missing from traditional textbooks. Personally, my favorite aspect of the book is that LaNesha and Naomi present eye-opening ways to provide historical meaning across various subjects. 

The appreciation of the importance of “M” in STEM lessons, in terms of this work, was a unique addition that I personally connected with. Even though the focus was on elementary education, I found this book to be inspirational at all levels. Also, as a new parent, I also found that the themes presented opportunities for families to engage in this work. This book is a must-buy! – Dr. Valerie Camille Jones, Mathematics Specialist and Presidential Award Winner



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