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Help-At-Home Parent Packs!

We’ve all been there. We spend tons of time drilling certain skills and still there are some kiddos that just. don’t. get it. And school is fast-paced! We can’t spend a long time learning ONE skill deeply. While I know we will still work with those students in class, I often ask parents to continue the work at home. Then I am met with the ever-present question:

Well, how can I help my child?

I used to run off a bunch of copies and stick them in a folder, tuck it in their child’s backpack and say “here you go” or direct them to a website simply because I didn’t always have enough time to make intervention packets for each skill and for every student. I always wanted to do more. 

This product offers you a chance to be way more intentional about empowering parents to help at home. Not only can this be sent home to allow parents to just help- but it also gets parents involved in the process of collecting data on their child. 

I’ve proudly used this during the RTI/CORE process because it shows that I’ve gone beyond normal instruction AND in-school intervention. I’ve now involved the parents and the results either help the student with mastery or it helps to prove that other actions need to be taken.

So how does it work? You can literally print this product, assemble in a folder, and send home! That’s it! 

I get a three-pronged folder and in an effort to make it special and fun (instead of seeming like extra homework) I write their name on it the front cover (included in the download). 

When the parent opens the folder, stacked in the front pocket they would find: 
And inside the prongs, parents will find 10 days of practice that is parent friendly (simple and quick!).  I also include anchor charts that parents can display at home. I put them in sheet protectors so they last a little longer. 
Here are a few of the sheets up close: 

This progress tracker is the sheet that I ask parents to send back for my records. They don’t always come back, and that’s OK. I just explain the importance and most parents understand. 
The best thing is knowing that I have provided my parents with a tangible and organized way to help their child. This provides accountability for me AND my parents! 

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LaNesha Tabb

LaNesha Tabb

Wife, Mama of 2, and apron wearing primary educator from Indianapolis.

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