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Social Studies Topics: April

What do we cover in April? TONS! This month’s topics are so intriguing, all of our students couldn’t wait for social studies time. We are always looking for ways to incorporate culture. While we strive to include culture all year long, we do recognize cultural months that are nationally recognized. April is Arab American Heritage Month.

During this month, we are reading books, watching videos, and inviting families to share their heritage. We learn about the “Magician of the Heart,” Dr. DeBakey who operated on thousands of patients and saved their lives! We learn about the inventor of the waffle cone and teacher that got to go to space, and so much more!

We wanted to get some economics in, so we explored the concept of importing and exporting. We talk about how we trade and barter with other countries to get what we need. There’s no reason why little kids aren’t able to grasp what you show them! We even did a fun activity where we looked at the tags on our shirts to see where they’d been imported from.

We always cover Earth Day, but we thought it might be interesting to discover the history of Earth Day. We discovered the person that created it, Gaylord Nelson, and discussed how it became something that is recognized worldwide. We went on an Earth Day hunt with our Reduce, Reuse, Recycle “scopes” and had to decide if what we were looking at could be reduced, reused, or recycled.

Lastly, we decided to get some geography in by studying the effects of precipitation on human life.

What do you cover in April social studies?


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