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Social Studies Topics: October

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October social studies is such a blast. During this month, we get into some culture, geography, Civics, and economics. Let’s jump in and see what we cover in the month of October! For geography, we thought it would be interesting to learn about a place in Egypt called the 6th of October City. Mostly because the name of the city is so intriguing. We also used this lesson to put a unique spin on the “me on the map” activity instead of using our own neighborhoods. We wanted to show children that that concept can look different across the globe. For economics, we discovered that currency looks different all over the world. One morning we decided to print out different kinds of currency for the children to explore. They were immediately engaged and wanted to know all about the places that got to have cool things (such as animals) on their money. One child even recognized the queen of England because her mom watched the crown on Netflix! Students were even allowed to create their own currency after discussing the concept that countries tend to put things that are important to them on their currency. So, they worked in groups to create their own currency system! For civics, we decided to discuss the roles that the president of the United States has. We discussed all of the roles with the students and asked them to weigh in. The students were amazed to find out that the president had so many jobs! October is Italian heritage month period we always take some time to learn about the first immigrants that came to the United States. We also take time to discuss how those people were treated when they first came. From there, we always love to learn about notable people in events! We learned about the inventor of the coffee maker, the Jacuzzi, and most fascinating- the real inventor of the telephone people! Most people think that the inventor of the telephone is Alexander Graham Bell but in actuality, it was an Italian immigrant by the name of Antonio Meucci. Congress recognized him as the actual inventor of the telephone in 2002. October can be soooo much more than a 2-week unit on pumpkins! We live in a fascinating world…show that world to children!


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