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We Are Teachers

This post is sponsored by WE Teachers, made possible by Walgreens. All opinions are my own.

I have the most exciting project to share with you!

I didn’t realize the dedication that Walgreens has toward teachers! They know teachers go above and beyond and they go above and beyond for educators. Walgreens has partnered with the ME to WE Foundation to support WE Teachers. 

Now, you may be wondering what WE Teachers is! It’s a FREE program for teachers across the United States and Puerto Rico, made possible by Walgreens, providing resources and training to support them in addressing critical social issues their students are facing today. WE Teachers ensures that every teacher in every school nationwide has access to free educational tools and training needed to support them in empowering their students for future success. 

Ok- there are a few components that I’d love to share with you. The core focus of their program is on educator empowerment with three core areas:

● Professional learning and resources to use to address trauma and social issues in the class

● Recognition – the WE Teachers Award celebrates those teachers that go above and beyond

● Community – whether through our WE Teachers hub full of free resources, or through social communities. Content for professional development through to inspiring stories from the classroom.

Let’s get into them! 

WE Teachers has seven modules directed at creating a trauma-informed classroom, where every educator feels confident in times of stress and every student feels safe. The resources are designed to help teachers gain a deeper understanding of the topics and relevant terms before learning about preventive actions, interventions, and policies.

There are 7 themes for which professional resources – modules and videos – are available.

o Introduction module

o Mental Well-being

o Bullying

o A Pandemic-Informed Community

o Diversity & Inclusion

o Youth violence

WE Teachers modules are also available in Spanish! 

The WE Teachers Hub (teachershub.we.org) is an online support network. Here, teachers will find exclusive virtual learning experiences, and resources that will equip us with tools to address critical social issues in the classroom, starting with trauma-informed resources and professional learning.

Through the WE Teachers Hub, teachers can access resources that help raise awareness of important issues to support students becoming active and engaged citizens. If you know me, then you know my social studies loving heart is happy right now! 

Resources: Access curriculum resources that will help educators feel confident in challenging our students to learn about social issues and to take action.

Online courses: Engage in professional learning via WE Teachers Modules such as Trauma-Informed Classrooms and Mental Well-Being. These courses are available to all educators to enhance their understanding of social issues that are affecting students and educators alike, with local context in mind! 

– Virtual learning: Virtual learning opportunities in addition to online community forums and virtual teacher training include WE Speaks and WE Global Classroom. These platforms are available in the Hub for educators to tap into larger networks and explore social justice issues on a local and global scale!

How amazing is this? Everyone always tells us how great teachers are….but when a company actually shows that they care…I love it so much! 

The last part I want to tell you about is the WE Teaching Award! 

The WE Teachers Award Teachers do so much more than teach—they’re leaders, guides and mentors!  This award will recognize teachers that go above and beyond in their classroom and community. Teachers can be nominated, or directly apply for an award through a simple application process online. Walgreens and WE review all applicants and award 1,000 teachers with a $500 Walgreens gift card to be used to support teachers in their classroom!!!

What would you buy with $500 for your class?? Me- books. Always books. Picture books are therapeutic for children (and me!) 

So….how do you get access to all of this?! Join @WEteachers on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter


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