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Election Day Freebie (Full Resource)

We have an election day freebie for you! As you begin to work through this election resource, we wanted to provide you with a few tips to make the most of it.  We will be teaching young children some fairly basic concepts about the Electoral College.  Before diving into this resource with our own students, we made sure that our students were at least familiar with the following terms:





We do this with freebies found around the web, videos from YouTube or BrainPopJr., and picture books!

We also wanted to encourage you to take this resource at your own pace. You might decide to pull pages out of the eBook to focus on or do a few pages each day until it’s all complete. This is your call! We just wanted to give young students a general understanding of what it means to vote but also be counted in the Electoral College.

Naomi O’Brien + LaNesha Tabb

Check out the resource in action from some of our friends from all over the country! 


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