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Primary Math Project for Thanksgiving

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This is, hands down, my favorite math activity for Novemeber. It’s SO much fun. We basically create a 3D model of a Thanksgiving table and use that table to solve problems all week long! The students are taksed with drawing each person that is coming (or that they’d like to come) to dinner. This means that the students’ tables will have different variations. 


Each day, there is a new task. They have to passout flatware one day, chairs another, and the dinner rolls as well!  Some problems are qualified with a specific quantity (i.e.we only have 12 rolls for dinner. How many are left over or how many more would you need?). Each day, they are asked to model it on the actual table and then draw a mathmatical representation of the math equations. 

Finally, when the week is over, the students sign a letter to present to their family that says that they’ve been trained and are all ready to help set the table! It’s so much fun! 

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LaNesha Tabb

LaNesha Tabb

Wife, Mama of 2, and apron wearing primary educator from Indianapolis.

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