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Around the World in 30 Books

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Hello! This is LaNesha and Amelia Capotosta coming to you with an exciting unit! We’ve combined our passions for reading comprehension, vocabulary, writing, and social studies and have developed a unit that you are sure to LOVE! Are you ready to pack your bags with your students and travel the world through BOOKS? We have just the resource for you! This post is going to break down exactly what’s inside and how to implement it! Keep reading to find out how to get one of the activities for the book for FREE!   Buckle up, we’ve got LOTS to share. A few logistics: Currently this is geared for grades 2-5. The in-depth lesson are geared towards the upper grades and this unit would be engaging, challenging, and perfect for the upper grades. With that being said, there are so many options with the teaching slides that will allow you to scaffold down to the younger grades. 

You are probably curious about the 30 books that we’ve selected, so let’s look at that in the image below! 

Let’s start with the TEACHING SLIDES! 

 These slides will literally walk you and your students through the lesson. Just display and go! You’ll learn a chant for the specific country you’re visiting, get some information about that area, and dive into the lessons. Everything you need to teach this is already included in the teaching slides.

There is a slide for each and every lesson component. Just display and teach! The lesson plans that are included will give you specific teaching points to make as well. 

Student work: Each unit contains 4 lessons: comprehension, vocab, writing, and social studies and they are all specific to that book. These interactive assignments will pair wonderfully with the themes of the book. Here’s a bunch of photos so you can visually grasp the awesomeness! Here are 3 books… there are 27 more! 

Check out the video below! 

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  1. I love this unit and am glad that I bought it from TpT! I am in the midst of purchasing books and figuring out how to use it in my classroom, and wanted to share some feedback with you. It is obvious that you thoughtfully curate your resources so I wanted to share a review from an indigenous person’s point of view about the book Stolen Words that you included in this unit. She explains why this resource is not recommended and I thought you might want to take this into consideration.
    Thanks! https://americanindiansinchildrensliterature.blogspot.com/2017/12/not-recommended-stolen-words-by-melanie.html

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