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Women’s History In Primary!

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Women’s History is important all year and especially in March! When we teach our K and 1 students, we like to first let them know why this month is needed and why it’s so important. Some students may wonder why there’s no Men’s History Month. We let them know that historically, EVERY month has been Men’s History Month! Until recently, women were never centered in stories. Their accomplishments were rarely being taught or highlighted.

We wanted to share this freebie with you! It can be paired with almost any book or video you share with your students about a woman of your choosing.

Students can write or draw information as they learn it. Boxes are available for students to write down the woman’s name, draw her picture, her birthday, where she lived/lives, what she’s known for, additional information, and something they’d like to remember about what they learned!


We also have another resource we love to use with our students! Take a look!

This primary friendly resource is the perfect way to talk to your kids about Women’s History Month and highlight some influential women of color. Learn about Women’s History month with this full-color, projectable eBook that includes three activities.

This unit includes a 14 page eBook and three activities; student response and research sheet as well as a booklet for each student. Booklets will need to be printed and assembled.



This eBook touches on what is history, how women’s history month came to be, and highlights the importance of focusing on women’s history year-round. This eBook also leaves teachers and students to take action in taking part in further researching influential women as well as passing on learned information to others.


EBook Instructions

Read the eBook with your students/children. Point out the women that have been highlighted in this book. Add in any influential women you look up to or know about. Ask students questions while you read.

– So why do we have Women’s History Month?

– Do you think this is an important focus for the Month?

– Why do you think there isn’t a Men’s History Month?


Response Sheet

This response sheet can be used to see if your students/children have retained the information from the ebook. You may need to reread the eBook to find answers.


Research Sheet

As a class, choose a woman (not one included in this resource) to research, learn about, and add the information about when she was born, her early life, major accomplishments, and one interesting fact. Then students can illustrate a picture. This sheet can be used repeatedly.



After reading the eBook, complete this Booklet (assemble, print + staple together) which includes excerpts from the ebook with questions for students/children to write/draw their response to prompts on each page.


LaNesha and Naomi

(Tabb + O’Brien)

Note: Here is a list of 25 lesser-known women in history we’ve provided as suggestions, who changed laws, broke new scientific ground, and shattered gender barriers

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