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Help! My Student Always Say “I Can’t Think Of ANYTHING To Write!”


If your students always say something like, “I can’t think of anything to write!” Then… keep reading! 

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Unlocking the Writer’s Block: Strategies for Generating Ideas

Today, we’re diving into one of the most common challenges teachers face: students who claim they can’t think of anything to write. If you’ve ever heard this refrain in your classroom, then this post is for you. We’re going to explore some effective strategies to tackle this problem head-on.

Model What You Want to See

First and foremost, modeling is key. Regardless of your experience level, whether you’re a seasoned educator or just starting out, demonstrating the writing process is essential. Think out loud as you brainstorm ideas, essentially providing students with a script to follow. Show them how to transform everyday observations into compelling narratives or persuasive arguments. The same is true for generating ideas! Students who can’t think of anything to write need to see and hear how to get this done. 

For instance, if embarking on a non-genre-specific unit, emphasize that ideas can come from anywhere. Share personal anecdotes or observations that sparked your own writing. If delving into a specific genre like persuasive writing, tailor your modeling to highlight the unique considerations of that genre.

Batch Collecting: The Writing Kitchen

Imagine batch cooking, where you prepare multiple meals in one go to save time later. Apply the same principle to writing by dedicating initial sessions to collecting a plethora of ideas. This way, when students hit a creative roadblock later in the unit, they have a reservoir of ideas to draw from. Provide students who can’t think of anything to write with batch collection sheets to jot down potential writing topics, fostering a sense of preparedness and empowerment. Here are some on my ideas sheets found in my Reimagine Writing Program: 

The Writing Folder: A Writer’s Toolkit

Equip students with writing folders that serve as their personal writing toolkit. These folders contain everything needed to navigate the writing process, from generating ideas to polishing the final draft. Incorporate elements like “Pick an Idea” prompts, organizational structures, revision strategies, and editing reminders. By centralizing these resources, students gain a strong understanding of the writing process. These folders were selected so that as new units come, new idea collection sheets can be in placed on top of the last one, allowing students to keep a collection of writing ideas as units come. 

Fun Activities to Spark Inspiration

Inject some fun into idea generation with interactive activities. Foster a sense of authorship by having students create their own author websites, complete with upcoming writing projects and personal writing preferences. Encourage students to envision themselves as authors, priming them for a year of literary exploration.

Additionally, facilitate peer-to-peer idea exchange through collaborative activities like the activity shown below. As you play a little music,  allow students roam the classroom. When the music stops, have them jot down ideas inspired by their peers’ interests and expertise that they’ve noticed. That might look a student writing “hair” or “braids” on a friend’s paper who they’ve noticed knows a lot about that topic. This peer-driven approach not only generates fresh ideas but also fosters a supportive writing community as students feel motivated to write the topics that their classmates have requested! 

By implementing these strategies, you’ll empower your students to overcome writer’s block and unleash their creativity. Remember, writing is not just about putting pen to paper; it’s about cultivating a mindset of curiosity and expression. If you found these tips helpful, consider subscribing for more writing insights and resources. Together, let’s empower the next generation of writers!

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