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How To Get Students to Write For a LONG time!

Looking to find out how to get students to write for a LONG time? Well, we know begging them doesn’t work. Neither do the stickers, after a while. We can try to fill in a graph with the amount of minutes spent writing uninterrupted but let’s face it… that can be hard, too. So… how do we build that writing stamina? Let’s find out! 

Management is key to getting students to write for a long time. 

If you really want to know how to get students to write for a LONG time… it’s about setting clear expectations and giving students the tools to navigate the writing process independently. The Writing Process Board, equipped with checklists for each stage, becomes a visual guide for students. This visual representation helps me track progress and keeps students accountable for their writing journey. There are SO many benefits to running your writing block through the writing process. Read more about that here

How To Get Students to Write For a LONG time!

Writing zones for writing stamina 

Writing Zones, physical areas designated for specific writing stages, foster an atmosphere of collaboration and support. It’s where students engage in tasks related to their writing phase, encouraging peer learning and focused support from teachers.

And let’s not overlook materials. Accessibility to writing tools and resources is crucial. Students need to know where to find what they need and return it appropriately. It’s about creating a system that supports student autonomy.

But it’s not just about tools—it’s about modeling and supporting independence. We kick off writing units with idea generation sessions, empowering students to brainstorm and record their thoughts. We walk them through the writing process, step by step, ensuring they witness and understand how to expand their ideas into coherent pieces.

The goal is to create a writing environment that feels like an engaging workshop, where students are excited to participate, move through stages, and support each other.

How To Get Students to Write For a LONG time!

Free Process-First Writing Starter Kit 

Now, if you’re intrigued and ready to implement these strategies, check out the FREE Writing Kit as it’s a great starting point. And for those seeking more in-depth guidance and resources, the Reimagine Writing program could be your game-changer.

How To Get Students to Write For a LONG time!

 Until next time, happy writing!


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