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Culture Bundle

100 Pages

Grade Level(s): K, 1, 2, 3

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Culture: Create Your Own Culture Lesson

Culture: Cultivating Cultural Intelligence eBook + Digital (+printable) Scrapbook

Culture. Culture. Culture.

Product Description

We bundled out Culture.Culture.Culture unit, Cultivating Cultural Intelligence unit, and Create Your Own Culture unit so that you can implement all of these incredible lessons with your kids!
Here’s our suggested use:
Start with Culture. Culture. Culture.
-This will teach students the basics of what makes a culture and allow to to explore their own.
The, move on to Cultivating Cultural Intelligence.
-This will allow your students to dig deeper into culture and what it means for other people. Students will unpack their cultures and move beyond a basic understanding. They will also learn the meaning of cultural intelligence and why it is so important to have.
Finally you will teach the Create Your Own Culture Unit.
-You will take one aspect of each students culture and plan various short lessons going into the history of it. This should be stretched out for the entire year, with students have a few lessons about their classmates each month. A template has been provided to make planning and presenting engaging lessons quick and easy. They will learn about the history and global connection of one part of each student’s culture.
We hope you and your students enjoy this!
Naomi and LaNesha



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