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Culture Computer

39 Pages

Grade Level(s): K, 1, 2, 3, Pre K

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Product Description

Have you been looking for an impactful way to kick off the year and get to know your students on a cultural level?

We have created these Culture Computers to help your students showcase their culture in a creative way. After reading the “What is Culture?” eBook with them, you can also go over the “Culture Profiles” book included to teach students about various cultures.

This resource is for everyone because culture is everything. It’s the way that people live their lives. It’s what is normal for them. It may be different from one house to the next.


 Included in this resource:

-Culture Anchor Chart Header

-Intro to Culture eBook

-Culture Profiles

-Culture Computer Printables for TK-3rd Grade



We hope you and your students enjoy this one!


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