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Morning Work Binder for Empathy

90 Pages

Grade Level(s): 2, 3

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Product Description

**Same great binder now available for 2nd and 3rd grade!
This product is great for checking in with your students AND allowing your students to take the time to check in with themselves. They are asked to take a minute in the morning to share the status of their “heart” and a chance to start their day with a peaceful mind.
Also, I strongly believe in teaching our students empathy. I think a lot of adults in the world would make better choices if they could see things through someone else’s eyes. I’ve included an activity page where students can think through how they would feel if they were in certain scenarios.
1. Binder/Folder Cover
2. Daily Checklist
3. Heart Check
4. Heart Check Graph
5. Daily Focus Goal Sheet
6. Empathy Teaching charts (2)
7. Empathy Recording Sheet
8. Emotions Chart (Color and B+W versions available)
9. 30 Hypothetical Empathy Scenarios
10. Projectable slides of empathy scenarios with picture support
11. eBook or printable book with picture support for emotions
-30 Recording sheets for extended empathy scenario responses
-Editable version of the recording sheets. Students can create their OWN scenario or you can add them in!
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