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Social Studies: Name Activities: My Name is a BIG Deal

30 Pages

Grade Level(s): K, 1, 2

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Product Description

Your download includes:
-A full-color eBook to project and read with students to discuss the importance of names.
-A name pronunciation guide to create for your class! It can help you and other students pronounce each other’s names properly. After students fill their sheets out, you can make copies and bind them together in a book. You could even post the My Name is a Big Deal sheets on a bulletin board.
The Name/Pronunciation/Pronoun cards can be printed, hole punched, and stored on a ring for easy teacher access!
-Draw and Response pages that can be used along with the eBook. They are another way to capture the students’ responses to what they discussed, learned, and processed through the class discussion about names.
-A Name Activity Book that can be used to help students practice writing their names and instill pride in their names.
Consider encouraging students to share their name books with people they know and want to show off their names to.
Have fun teaching!
LaNesha and Naomi



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