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Not Your Average APPLE Unit

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Grade Level(s): K, 1

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Nothing says fall like apples! There are countless activities and units dedicated to apples, but this is not your average unit! This unit was designed with global themes in mind! Throughout this resource, you will teach economics, history, science, geography, and sociology! We hope you enjoy this unit as much as we do!
The topics that we cover include:
Economics: What is the most popular fruit in the U.S.? How do we even know that information? The answer: MARKET RESEARCH!
History: Why did John Chapman (Johnny Appleseed) plant so many trees? Could it have had anything to do with the fact that in the 1800’s, if you planted an orchard on a piece of land, you could claim it as your own and sell it? Let’s see!
S.T.E.M: Do you know what a “birthday apple” is? Most of the apples that we purchase from the grocery store have been frozen for up to a year and marketed as “fresh” apples! Your students will freeze an apple and experiment with the changes that happen.
Geography: The origin of apple trees have been traced back to Central Asia. They (obviously) spread to the entire world…but how? One explanation leads you to learn about the Silk Road! Get your maps out…it’s time to learn about this special trading route.
Sociology: Many people pick apples for fun- but most of the apples that we purchase are picked by hand. What does an apple picker do? Your students will read about the job of an apple picker and how they affect society.
We hope that this will allow you and your students to deepen and enrich your thematic apple unit of study!
Make SOCIAL STUDIES important again!
LaNesha Tabb & Naomi O’Brien



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