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Now You Know: JUSTICE

100 Pages

Grade Level(s): K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

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*** When downloading, right click and select “extract all files” if something doesn’t open with the initial download! thanks!!***
Welcome to the “Now You Know” Social Studies line from Naomi O’Brien and LaNesha Tabb!
This line with always feature paired historical stories that are similar in theme- but one story will be focused around a struggle and one focused around a triumph. We wanted to provide teachers and students with a balanced selection of topics to teach.
This download’s historical topics revolve around the theme of JUSTICE.
The topics included in this resource include the Memphis Sanitation Strike and The History of HBCUs.
PLEASE download the preview to see what is included. (The preview shows another topic but the layout and activities are the same!) We have a folder for K-2 and a folder for 3-5 to access the same information. You can also use those versions for the readers in your class that are above and below grade level.
We hope that you and your students find these topics interesting and informative and… if you don’t know about these topic…now you know!
Naomi & LaNesha



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