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Reading Workshop Engagement

40 Pages

Grade Level(s): K, 1, Pre K

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Do you feel like your students aren’t really reading when you send them off? Do you scan the room and see children playing instead of reading?
Little kids can do big things! They are fully capable of independently reading (really reading…books) for a sustained amount of time- even in kindergarten!
This product will allow you to give your students tools to self monitor for engagement and learning!
Included (with lesson teaching point and engagement tool):
My entire resource Reading Identities Unit
What does our reading workshop look like? -Song for Reading Workshop
What happens if we find a book that is ripped or torn? -Show You Care Book Repair
How can we stay on task when we read?- Brain, Bodies, and Books Rubric for engagement
Original clip art included to use at your discretion
What will the teacher be doing while you read? -Conferring form
How can I show that I understood my book? -Fav. Part ½ sheet?
I have a reading bag…how do I pack it? -Shopping List
Where do I keep my books? -T-Shirt Reading Back Letter
Tools to engage– Rubric Book Mark with wow reading behaviors
Tools to engage -Readers make a plan for their reading time.
Tools to engage- Reading mat- 2 versions
Tools to engage- Bring characters to life with talk bubble/thinking bubble stick
Tools to engage -Bringing scenes to life T.V. Cut out
Tools to engage -Tiny details in the pics
Tools to engage- Special glasses that check the tiny parts on the page
End of Unit Celebration- Celebrating our reading identities Class Book
Most of these lessons are close to the lessons that a lot of us teach at the beginning of school. They are no particular orders so you can skim, find the point of the lesson you’re teaching, and grab the tool!



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