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Social Studies: Inauguration Day eBook and Activities

30 Pages

Grade Level(s): 1, 2, 3

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Product Description

Inauguration Day only comes once every four years… so let’s go BIG!
This resource will walk your students through exactly what happens on Inauguration Day. They will learn about each event that has traditionally taken place and they will get to take part in the following learning activities:
1. Decorate Your Own Oval Office!
Time to plan for furniture, wallpaper, and more! Did you know that the new president gets to select artwork from the Smithsonian Museum? How exciting!
2. Presidential Event Planner’s Visual Schedule
This activity allows students to play the role of an event planner. After learning about the events, the students will create a visual planner. As the adult, you can even show students clips of these events from the past! Lastly, the students will be given a checklist that can be used in real-time if they are watching the inauguration.
3. Writing Responses
After learning this new information, students can write a response to 3 different prompts. The writing paper is differentiated.
We hope your students love learning all about Inauguration Day!
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