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Word Study Workshop: Unit 8

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Grade Level(s): 1, 2, 3

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Unit eight is a nice change of pace. This is the unit where we dive into the parts of speech. Students will be exposed to the parts of speech and be encouraged to look for those types of words in their everyday life.
The lessons in this unit follow a pattern. One day is spent introducing the part of speech and the next day asks students to look for those words in their own spelling lists- not only the current list, but the ones in the past as well.
We celebrate this unit with a magazine clipping party! There is a book provided with space to paste in words that fit the part of speech listed on the page.
There are anchor charts for each part of speech included to assist with the teaching points, but you might find that you’d like to make your own. I would encourage you to find a place in your classroom that can house the teaching charts for the duration on this unit.



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