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Mobilize For Good! Partnership with Walden University

I’m working with Walden University to spread the word about some amazing projects that they’ve got going on!

Walden believes that educators are essential workers.  Education is their biggest degree!  Walden originally planned to do acts of good for schools around the country to give back… and then COVID happened.  Walden REALLY wanted to find a way to help their alumni and their schools during these unprecedented times.

According to Education Week, schools were closed in 48 states in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, affecting approximately 50.8 million public school students, leaving many teachers to transition quickly to remote learning!  We all witnessed how this pandemic amplified many inequities in our education system- including a digital divide among students.  Teachers across the nation have continued to step up in inspiring ways to provide the best possible learning experience for their students.

So, Walden set off to Mobilize for Good!  They committed to working with their alumni to help give back to the schools that inspire them—and need them—by traveling across the country in an RV to do Acts for Good. COVID-19 made traveling no longer an option, but they pressed on, refocusing their efforts to respond to the crisis at hand in meaningful ways. From there, they’ve touched educators and students in Baltimore, Maryland, and, in the months to come, they’ll be performing more Acts for Good with their alumni, students, and others.

Recently, Walden University honored Houston, Texas elementary school teacher Ms. LeQuang, who was unable to celebrate her retirement following a 28-year life-changing career!

Click here to watch as former students and colleagues share a heartfelt tribute that is sure to leave you in tears, followed by a surprise drive-by car parade. To help support the 2.5 Million Texas students who rely on reduced or free lunch, Walden honored Ms. LeQuang’s almost three decades of teaching by donating 10,000 meals to deserving families in her community.


I love sharing this story because I know what a big deal it is to say goodbye to a long career as a teacher. Through my 15 years of experience, I’ve said farewell to many amazing educators. That final farewell is so needed for closure. I’ve been thinking about all of the teachers that were set to retire before the pandemic. This act of good warms my heart- it was great to see this teacher honored!



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