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Mobilize For Good! Partnership with Walden University

I’m back with another WONDERFUL story from Walden University’s Mobilize For Good initiative. I’m truly so happy they asked me to help promote this amazing video.

Think back to the end of your senior year of high school, do you remember how much fun you had with your friends and celebrating your accomplishments? This year everything is different for graduating seniors! I can recall my prom, senior trip, and graduation like it was yesterday. My heart breaks for the class of 2020! That’s why this video is so amazing. Watch to see how Walden University is making three graduating seniors’ dreams true this year as they prepare for their next adventure but, warning: this video will make you cry happy tears. 

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LaNesha Tabb

LaNesha Tabb

Wife, Mama of 2, and apron wearing primary educator from Indianapolis.

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