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How to Engage Your Writers

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Cultivating a Love for Writing: Techniques to Engage Students

I am constantly told that one of the biggest hurdles when it comes to teaching writing is MOTIVATION! Like, how do we get kids to actually like writing?  If you’ve ever faced a classroom full of groans when announcing writing time, this post is for you.

Exploring the Writing Struggle

As someone who once struggled to teach a solid writing block, trust me- I understand the challenge. Writing can seem daunting—for both students and teachers. The key lies in understanding why students resist writing and, more importantly, how we can encourage them to enjoy the process.

Navigating Writing Anxiety

One significant hurdle is writing anxiety, often worsened by an overload of writing techniques and strategies. We’ve inundated our students with countless frameworks like “COPS,” “RACE,” and “OREO paragraphs.” While these tools have their place, students often struggle to apply them effectively. Read more about that here

Expanding Writing Perceptions

Many students perceive writing as merely responding to prompts or executing formulaic exercises.  This limited perspective stifles their enthusiasm and fails to showcase the diverse avenues writing can explore, from storytelling to persuasion, research, and more!

Crafting a Hands-On Writing Experience

To combat this, we must make writing a hands-on, enjoyable endeavor. Instead of confining students to rigid prompts and worksheets, let’s create a culture of creativity and exploration. Writing should feel like making—messy, vibrant, and full of possibilities.

Reimagining Publishing: Beyond the Desk Drawer

But what happens once students pour their hearts onto the page? Too often, their work languishes in desk drawers, devoid of a meaningful audience or purpose. It’s time to reimagine publishing as a celebratory act—an opportunity to showcase students’ voices and creativity.

Elevating Writing Beyond the Classroom

By connecting students with real-world writing contexts—whether through poetry anthologies, class magazines, or open mic nights—we instill a sense of pride and relevance in their work. Writing becomes more than a classroom chore; it becomes a means of self-expression and impact.

Hosting Publishing Parties: Celebrating Success

And what better way to honor students’ achievements than with a publishing party? These festive gatherings provide a platform for students to share their work, receive feedback, and celebrate their growth as writers. It’s a momentous occasion that reinforces the significance of their contributions.

Need Help Getting Started?

Enter the “Reimagine Writing” program—a process-first framework designed to guide students through the writing journey authentically. By prioritizing the writing process and nurturing students as authors, we empower them to approach writing with confidence and purpose.


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